5 ways to show your brand ethics

Why are brand ethics important?

How you do business and live out your brand is part of your brand experience and the impression you make.

Your words, actions and dreams need to align with your brand personality and what you ethically stand for to create a brand the feels good and feels right.

When there’s a mismatch between what you say and do it can create a void that’s too wide to navigate, losing you potential ideal clients and missing opportunities to make the real difference in the world you want to create.

What are brand ethics?

Brand ethics are your values and moral principles – your living legacy and responsibility to do good and make a positive difference in the world:

  • for people
  • for nature
  • for our planet

They are about treating individuals, communities, societies, the environment and living beings with respect, dignity and awe.

Your ethics inform your:

  • decision making
  • leadership style
  • and how you live your life personally and as your brand: to contribute positively and in a sustainable way.

They are integral to you and your work.

How do you show what you stand for?

  • in an organic,
  • natural,
  • ethical,
  • non-shouty way.

In a way that’s completely congruent and authentic to your brand and values?

Here are some insights:

5 ways to show your brand ethics:

1. Voices are stronger together than on their own.

Find organisations, networks or movements whom you share values with.

For example, I’ve taken the ethical move pledge because I believe that the purchasing decision should be one that feel supportive, exciting and empowering. 

Here’s the ethical move pledge:

The ethical move pledge poster

This approach and feeling is also integral to the experience of the brand adventure itself. Creating an authentic brand for purpose-led founders. One that’s fully aligned with their values and vision to enrich the wellbeing of people and our planet in their unique way. Making the world a better place brand by brand.

2. Show what you stand for. 

Becoming a member of a movement or programme often grants you a visual badge for use on your website, product, or marketing material, to be a part of something bigger and to help inspire others as to the actions they can take. It can also add gravitas and evidence as it verifies your mission in an external, tangible, visual way.

You can also show what you stand for through:

  • the products/services you use, as well as through your own products; how they are made and delivered.
  • the social/environmental causes that you support.

For example, discover how I’m using my illustrations of Kit the Dog to support The Bumblebee Conservation Trust through the sale of sustainable tote bags and t.shirts.

Sustainable cotton organic cotton tote bag featuring illustration of Kit the dog wearing yellow wellies

(This insight beautifully overlaps and intersects with the others!)

3. Share inspiration and celebrate good news.

Sharing positive news stories and acts of kindness in our social feeds can help inspire and refresh motivation for further good deeds and stories. It can also inspire new content for your blog posts.

Discover initiatives or causes who care about the same things as your brand. Start by following and connecting with them on your social media channels – like, share, comment to show that you care.

4. Check your business processes and supply chains.

Is there an area you can help make more of a difference to the world by making some changes in the processes?

For instance, a shared value I have with my clients is that we passionately care about the restoration of the wellbeing of our planet and people. So, I’m working to source sustainable suppliers and printers with eco-friendly credentials, to collaborate with to help my clients make even more of a lasting impact with their brand touch points and resources.

5. Reconnect with your values and reignite inspiration.

Brand values provide a vital north star to guide your decision making in business and in life, however, these can sometimes feel out of reach. Revisit your brand foundations, rewrite your values into tangible action-orientated words, (and down to earth) and create visuals that inspire you and your ideal client.


What does your brand stand for?


Becks Neale is a Dorset Designer & Brand Consultant, working alongside charities, community initiatives and purpose-led organisations to achieve a brand they love and live, by distilling their brand story.

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