Illustration & storytelling

The ingredients to a perfect match, crafting a rich, personal and purposeful brand

Illustration and storytelling teamed with a strong imagination are my creative tools to understand and simplify complex ideas and concepts. All with the purpose to make things better; fully aligned, authentic, and confident. Because a strong, effective brand feels right AND feels good. Ultimately working together to make the world a better place brand by brand.

These brand tools provide a unique way of seeing, understanding and communicating your brand story with the world. All the while tangibly inspiring and showing what you stand for.

It is vital to communicate your brand messaging through every visual element; from colour, form, artistic style, typography even down to the material and media used.

Every detail has a key part of your story to convey, whether that’s an important value, a function or purpose, a characteristic or emotion. How your brand connects with your ideal client on an emotional level, leads to the decision as to whether or not they will use your product or service.

Developing a strong effective brand

So when it comes to your brand you are communicating on multiple levels, internally and externally, through:

    • the experience; for your clients, supporters, volunteers, team, stake holders, and for you
    • the ingredients; your story, your heritage and valuable brand design assets
    • your vision; where you want your organisation to be, your legacy
    • and the recipe; your brand adventure and style guide that combines all of these together to craft a rich, personal and powerful brand that supports and grows your business to create the world you want to see…

…It all starts with your story.

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create a unique experience


A strong brand

Attracts the right talent, support and clients.

Builds recognition, confidence and trust.

Sets your organisation apart.

Influences decision making.

Increases loyalty.

Making a difference.

Making the world a better place.