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Illustration & storytelling: a way of seeing, understanding and communicating with the world

Illustration and storytelling teamed with a strong imagination are my creative tools to understand and simplify complex ideas and concepts. All with the purpose to make things better. Because a strong, effective brand feels right AND feels good. Ultimately working together to make the world a better place brand by brand.

It is vital to communicate your brand messaging through every visual element; from colour, form, artistic style, typography even down to the material and media used.

Every detail has a key part of your story to convey, whether that’s an important value, a function or purpose, a characteristic or emotion which after all is how most potential clients make the decision to use your product or service.

Developing a strong effective brand

So when it comes to your brand you are strategically communicating on multiple levels internally and externally through:

    • the experience; for your clients, supporters, volunteers, team, stake holders, and for you
    • the ingredients; your story, your heritage and valuable brand design assets
    • your vision; where you want your organisation to be, how and what you want to be remembered for
    • and the recipe; your brand strategy and style guide that combines all of these together to make a strong effective authentic brand.

Through this brand strategy you determine exactly how your brand is experienced in a way that communicates on multiple levels, both emotionally and physically.

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A strong brand

Attracts the right talent, support and clients.

Builds recognition, confidence and trust.

Sets your organisation apart.

Influences decision making.

Increases loyalty.

Making a difference.

Making the world a better place.