Brand focus word ‘green’ Part 3 – new growth and life

In Part 1, I explored what a brand focus word is and why I’d chosen the word green, in part 2; connection and balance.

In part 3 we’re looking at:

New growth and life

When I think about the colour green:

  • I initially think of spring time, fresh new shoots and buds. An exciting, contagious energy that brightens the day. It transforms the cold hard winter landscape into one that’s brimming with life, sparkle and full colour.
  • I also think of evergreen, lasting, timeless, a constant, hope filled, a warm welcome on a winter’s day (natural garlands, door wreaths and Christmas trees) and life.

This energy is beautifully reflected during the brand adventure my clients take, and how I strive for them to feel; understood, connected, inspired, reignited… their brand brought to life and an innate sense of belonging.

Bringing your brand to life

My signature brand adventure process

The foundations are always an exciting step, as it’s here we dive in deep into all that you are, all that you stand for and the vision you are working towards.


Once your brand story is all down on paper, your brand vision feels so much more within grasp. The foundations enable you to work confidently towards making the world you want to see, with clarity and alignment.

Your brand identity also gives you a glimpse of that vision, bringing it alive in every detail.

Supporting the growth and evolution of your brand

The brand adventure is such an integral step for growth. Most of my clients come on board at a time of change; setting up their own limited company or up-levelling and looking to realign and establish their brand.

Each client takes a unique path and it’s a joy to support them along their adventure and beyond; sparking ideas and bringing their brand into alignment with their values and vision.

New growth for me this year has included forming a limited company, and all that entails. (Another journal post idea!)  This opens exciting possibilities and opportunities for further growth, now and in the future; welcome to Inkshed Ltd t/a Becks Neale.

Growing your brand in alignment with nature

I’m also having conversations around environmental and ethical opportunities, collaborations and connections to further support my clients in their work, as well as my own.

It’s about conscious decision making and prioritising:

  • purchasing decisions
  • researching the eco-credentials of products and suppliers
  • learning about what to measure and how
  • exploring and discovering what changes I can make, inspire or influence to help restore our planet.

If you’d like to find out more about the climate crisis and what you can do as a brand to help, here are a couple of workshops I’ve recently attended that I’d thoroughly recommend:

  • Climate Fresk Workshop:
      • During the Climate Fresk workshop, we were given 8 minutes to map out a set of climate related cause-and-effect cards as a group. The correlation wasn’t lost on me that we have just 8 years remaining until 2030 to achieve the SDG’s and collectively reduce the amount of CO2 emissions.
      • I came away with mixed emotions; on one hand it was hard seeing the causes and interconnected effects laid out so clearly in front of me. On the other hand, there was an overriding sense of hope, especially from being in discussions with likeminded people.
  • Small Business Sustainability Basics Programme; it’s been inspiring and thought provoking hearing real-life case studies from small business founders and directors who:
      • are using circular processes
      • are implementing renewable energy in their home/premises and have achieved some off-grid days this summer
      • are sharing their ideas and helping to simplify big agendas and processes into ideas and actions for small businesses

I’m also looking forward to hearing more about ‘Putting nature on the board’ with Faith in Nature.

As small businesses we have the adaptability to make changes. We each have the potential and opportunity today to bravely write the next chapter…

What does new growth look like for your brand over the next few months?

If you’d like support and creative direction in evolving and aligning your brand – book your discovery call with me today.

Becks Neale is a Dorset Designer & Brand Consultant, working alongside charities, community initiatives and purpose-led organisations to achieve a brand they love and live, by distilling their brand story.

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