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wholehearted brand living, inspired by nature

Excited to share with you details of my quarterly newsletter, Brand Seasoning, landing in inboxes on the first Friday of February, May, August, and November!

Designed for wholehearted founders who are led by their values, on a mission to improve the wellbeing of people and our planet.

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What can you expect from this newsletter?

An inspiring, gentle prompt to take a moment out to focus on you, your brand vision and plan ahead for each season, in a way that naturally aligns with you, and helps you add your unique brand essence to all that you say and do.

I’ll be bringing to your inbox a sprinkling of inspiration, insights, and the brand support available when you need it, to help you keep you and your brand re-energised and aligned.

Why ‘Brand Seasoning’?

The meaning behind the name:

Meaning of seasoning in English (noun): to enhance flavour

I adore words, metaphors and the meanings behind them. I also love trying seasonal flavours and recipes. There is such a simple joy and satisfaction in nurturing, growing and harvesting your own fruit and veg. ‘The good life’; working in alignment with nature, adapting to its’ changing rhythms, which embrace work, rest, growth and enjoyment through the provisions of each season. Great for you nutritionally as well as for your wellbeing.

This metaphor bears such similarities in how a brand rooted in it’s brand story; it’s values and purpose creates a rich alignment, clarity and confidence.

So for me, anchoring the words Brand Seasoning together, emanates bringing and celebrating your full authentic essence in your brand experience and life. A beautiful complete alignment. Both are intrinsically linked.

Through brand seasoning I hope to intrigue your curiosity and imagination by providing a sprinkling of seasonal joy, insight and inspiration so that you can authentically enhance your brand experience:


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