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  • What’s your creative process?

    You are very much a part of the creative process. It all starts with an initial brand consultation about you and your story, to discover how I can best help you to achieve what you need, or if indeed someone else might be the right solution for you. Once happy to work together, the exploration, innovation and creating starts, to bring your brand into reality. Making your passion authentically visible.

    Find out more.

  • How can I work with you?

    Tell me about your project – drop me an email or give me a call, and we’ll take it from there.

  • What design file types do I need for my brand assets?

    Print ready files:

    Your brand identity design: logos / icons / graphics – vector based graphics, so you can scale them to as big as you need without losing resolution (pdf / eps)

    Photos and imagery need to be high resolution, 300dpi, for content that you are creating for print, CMYK colour mode (jpg / pdf)

    Web ready files:

    Your brand identity design: logos / icons / graphics – rasterised based graphics, flat image like a photo (png – maintains a transparent background / jpg – solid white background)

    Scalable files for web – eps, RGB colour mode

    Photos and imagery need to be screen resolution, 72dpi, RGB colour mode (jpg)

  • Do I need a logo?

    Some people say ‘no’, others say ‘yes’. However, for the many benefits, opportunities and confidence a skilfully crafted logo can bring, I’d say wholeheartedly ‘yes’. The role of a logo is to help let people know what you do, to connect on a visual level, to tell your story. It’s a visual design identity that build’s recognition and familiarity. There are a variety of styles of logo design from a ‘signature style’, beautifully stylised font through to an ‘iconic design’. The important factor in defining a style that’s right for you is that it reflects your values and your story, forming a cohesive part of your branding. (Often forming the foundation for your brand). Although seemingly little, your logo is an important design asset with a significant role to play in the bigger picture.

    Let’s look at the big picture. Your brand identity is so much more than simply thinking of it in terms of your logo design alone. It’s what you say and do, where you meet your clients, what you send to your clients, what you wear, how your brand makes others feel etc. These all give an impression of your brand and your services. It’s important that they communicate the same brand message to help you build loyalty and trust. I’m here to help you create, refine and establish your authentic brand identity to tell your story through all that you do, down to the last detail.

    What does your brand need right now? Do you feel connected with your brand? Drop me an email.

  • I love your creative style – what else can you design?

    Other creative projects I’ve worked on have included signage design from wall signs, banners, through to branded vehicle graphics. Illustration and artwork for book covers, design proposals, menus, packaging and even biscuit cutter designs! I’m always on the look out for innovative techniques and solutions to support my client’s story. If you have a particular project in mind, let’s start a conversation.