Contrast and clarity

A beautiful reflection

Contrast; the state of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association.* Contrasts can positively highlight and enhance the qualities of its counterpart.

Clarity; the quality of being coherent and intelligible.* Clarity provides alignment, assurance, transparency, understanding, consistency.

(*Definitions from Oxford Languages)

Contrast and clarity - starlit sky in woodland clearing - making space to reconnect with your north star

Light and dark

I love taking an evening walk to see the beautiful Christmas lights adorning the houses and taking a moment to gaze at the stars in the clear, dark winter sky. At the time of writing this, there’s a beautiful soft yellow glow from the low, huge moon in the evening sky.

There’s something magical about the contrast between the coldness of the night air and the joyful warmth and wonder radiating from lights. (My dream is to someday experience the Northern Lights!)

Both starlight, and nature inspired twinkling fairy lights, spark awe and imagination. Perhaps rekindling fond childhood memories, as well as a sense of re-centring and grounding. Another beautiful contrast; the vast expanse of the sky setting our imagination free, teamed with sense of self awareness and being, as small as we are, an integral part of nature.

When was the last time you stopped and absorbed the view 360°?

Winter provides a great reminder and opportunity to do this. Not only for your own wellbeing, allowing yourself to quietly be completely in the moment, but also for your brand, ensuring that everything within your business is aligned with your purpose and values. Each decision and action moving you closer to your brand vision. You can’t focus solely on one part without the other.

Especially as a founder, both are strongly entwined and draws strength and inspiration from each other.

The last few years in particular for me have personally encompassed many chapter endings, but also the beginning of new ones. At the time, the final farewells felt as though the wind had been knocked out of me. However, there was also a renewed sense of realisation of what really matters most in life. A clarity that’s all too easily overlooked amidst the day to day tasks and responsibilities.

Experiencing contrast to find clarity

  • Light/Dark
  • Cold/Warmth
  • Grief/Joy
  • Expanse/Grounding…

…there’s a pattern in each of these examples that sit aligned with the characteristics of the winter season;

experiencing extreme contrasts, and within those, discovering important space for clarity.

Drawing strength

Also true to the character of winter, there’s a sense of drawing immeasurable strength during those moments of contrast and clarity.

The act of reconnecting with what matters most to you and your purpose, creates a perfect alignment that works as your north star, both in business and life:

  • re-energising
  • refilling
  • regenerating
  • restoring
  • and reimagining…

…core attributes I believe we need more of to overcome challenges, to work towards the 17 global sustainable develop goals, and create the sustainable future we want to see and the life we want to live.

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