Create communications that reflect your ethical branding and purpose!

Ethical branding is woven into every factor of a brand’s communications, internally and externally

It is a powerful tool that communicates where you stand as a brand. It lets others know your values, direction, and vision. It also attracts and keeps new talent, while reaching consumers looking for ethical consumption.

It makes your brand known to those that choose to only open up their wallets to businesses and organisations that use recyclable and compostable packaging, donate a percentage of proceeds to charities and causes, improve environmental practices, protect animals, and/or help communities live a better quality of life.

In 2019, UK ethical spending reached a total market worth £14 billion. 

What is the purpose of showing your ethical branding through graphic design?

Visuals say what you stand for in an instant. It eliminates the need for people wasting time researching, clicking and reading online or standing in a store aisle reading material displayed in tiny print on a display shelf.

It is difficult to navigate life in the midst of a pandemic. Our time is consumed with balancing home and work life, with remote working, home schooling and school runs, and other new challenges changing on a daily basis. So you are left with a short timeframe to grab people’s attention. People want to know in a concise and clear manner what you believe and what you are doing to make a difference in this world and within your organisation. The ‘why’ they should they choose you. Using visuals achieves these goals for you!

Ethical branding conveys how you improve lives of those that work for you and the public at large. It reflects the positive impact you make on society and the environment. It goes beyond posting one social media post, just as a tick box exercise. It is the framework of your brand. It accurately represents your services, products, and organisation.

Ethical branding establishes you as a longstanding brand for current and future generations. It solidifies your longevity.

In 2018, a Nielson report showed how sales for sustainable products grew twice as fast as other products in their respective categories, despite a smaller market share. People want to be a part of something bigger.

Ethical branding equates to more consumer spend

Ethical branding attracts new clients that share the same beliefs and goals as you. This means the same captive audience is now presented with a choice on where to spend their money. They see your brand, aligned with their values standing proudly within a sea of lookalikes with no substance, no meaning, and no direction towards building a brighter and better future. Naturally, they choose your business or organisation over these less appealing competitors.

Design visuals for internal and external communications.

For internal communications, use company guidebooks to showcase your personality. Design handbooks for fresh talent and new recruits. Make the handbook interesting and inspiring. Use brand colours and font types that reflect these attributes. Highlight various fundraising efforts, team achievements, and community work internal departments are involved with. Show why people want to work with and for you. Use the same visuals in internal newsletters. The goal is to bring your brand to life.

For external communications, use visuals for print and digital campaigns. Produce illustrations that tell your story with a style that’s distinctively you. Let it exude your brand personality. Think about what materials most suit your brand and overall company goals. Is your packaging recyclable? Is your product made locally? What are you sustainable practices and procedures? Can they be improved upon to show your audience your ethical choices, stances and values?

In all of the above instances, the goal is the same: to reinforce your brand values through design.

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