Creating and styling a brand that helps clients feel good inside and out

‘The art of wellbeing and sustainable style’

The Quintessential Stylist is following her passion and purpose in helping others to feel confident and good about themselves. She offers ‘a discreet luxury personal styling service that will leave you empowered and confident’.

Working from a clean slate, Nicky wanted the right look and feel from the very start of her new venture.

First impressions are of vital importance.

The aim was to create a sophisticated, gender neutral look and feel. Leading to the defining of a colour palette that stepped away from the fashionable black that is often associated with brands within the stylist brand landscape.

With her core values being wellness, trust, and effortless simplicity, the colour palette was paired back to natural tones, with a coastal + town living style and feel. In essence, creating a beautiful silhouette effect using a sophisticated dark grey that emanates a soft formal feel, teamed with the beautiful lightness of white, providing space and a sense of breathability. These are calmly supported by a warm soft clay with its charming associations of sincerity and peaceful sense of centredness.

brand creation and brand styling for wellbeing brand deveopment

These qualities follow through to the styling of the brand identity assets. Allowing the brand to effectively feel supportive and empowering, rather than dominating or trend setting. It’s all about the right personal fit. Sustainability. Feeling good inside and out. This approach allows the personal styling edits chosen for the client, how the client feels, and what the client wants to achieve, to always remain the central focus of attention.

brand creation and brand styling for wellbeing design identity

brand creation and brand styling for wellbeing styling-dorset designer Becks Neale

The result

A timeless visual brand identity that reflects the experience it provides:

‘A personal, discreet styling experience’.

Once all the brand assets and styling were approved, the brand guidelines were prepared ready for The Quintessential Stylist’s web developers to bring the brand into life on screen. See the beautiful result here.


Is your brand making the right impression?

If you know something’s not quite right with your brand but you don’t know what, or your brand doesn’t fill you with confidence, I’m here to help. One option is that we can schedule a brand audit to identify what’s aligned with your purpose and vision and what needs adjusting. This includes reviewing your brand story and how that’s communicated throughout your brand assets through to your brand touchpoints.

Contact me today to see how I can support you and help you achieve a brand that you love.


Image: Dereck Mora | Unsplash

Design: Becks Neale

Becks Neale is a Dorset Designer & Brand Consultant, working alongside charities, community initiatives and purpose-led organisations to achieve a brand they love and live, by distilling their brand story.

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