Brand Adventure

Explore – Innovate – Create

When I’m developing a brand, it’s creating more than just a logo. It’s crafting a rich, unique identity and an inspiring brand experience, one that can be seen, felt, and understood.

The creative process starts by laying the right strategic foundations by discovering and exploring your brand story. Through this structured and collaborative approach we together gain clarity and understanding of your innate values and heritage, to grow your unique brand for long term success. 

The creative process:



Strategic thinking. Discovering your story and drawing out the details, values, connections - everything that makes you refreshingly unique. It also involves looking at the big picture and objectives to review where you are and where you want to be. These elements provide clarity in your positioning and inform the design direction.


Creative thinking, research and styling that entrusts your heritage and embraces your vision for the next chapters of your brand adventure. Producing style inspiration boards that set you apart within your market and begin to distill your story in colour and form. Here we establish your brand personality; the look and feel of your brand. It’s important that your brand not only reflects your purpose in a way that engages and inspires others, but also an identity that inspires and makes you feel confident.


Realisation. Planning and crafting you a brand that you can completely step into. Your brand design work and style guide will be developed and presented to you for your approval throughout each stage of your brand adventure, ensuring that you love the result. Supporting you with renewed energy, confidence and clarity, as you share your story with the world. A brand that grows your business and enables you to do more of what you love, whilst increasing the impact you make in other's lives.


“WOW WOW WOW!! Becks, I love it – thank you so much! You have absolutely captured the ethos and feel of what Waste Knot is”

Jess L. Founder & Director, Waste Knot

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How developing an authentic, bespoke brand will exceed your expectations

“Generating attention is one thing. Generating relevant attention is what really matters. Put strategy first and make sure every tactic you pursue serves the bigger picture.” Power Branding, Steve Mckee

As a purpose-led founder you put so much of yourself into your business and work, and with that comes vulnerability. You wear your heart on your sleeve. So your brand has a vital role to play both internally and externally. It’s important that your brand not only reflects your purpose in a way that engages and inspires others, but also an identity that inspires and makes you feel confident.

When you share your mission with the world you’re following your passion and purpose. Your brand gives you that first glimpse of your brand vision in a tangible form. When your branding authentically reflects your unique values and purpose-led services, you showcase your best self and the kind of world you want to create. Capturing the very essence of this naturally boosts your own confidence and happiness as well as team morale. Your brand begins to communicate internally and externally. Other people start to take notice. You’re attracting your ideal clients and rallying together for the same cause.

By working together through this creative process on your brand adventure you’ll discover your brand personality and style, helping you to go on to create content that has meaningful connections with your ideal clients.

The result? A brand that you love and one that you can completely step into.

Empowered with your bespoke brand assets and brand guidelines your confidence will continue to grow, so that you instinctively become the guardian of your brand, and build your team of brand advocates. And it doesn’t end there! Your brand story constantly grows and evolves.

Having the brand strategic foundation in place from your brand adventure gives you your brand north star to follow, and I’m here to support you for your brand adventure and beyond. Understanding your brand inside-out means we’re never starting from a blank page, and it enables me to provide fresh perspective and insight aligned to your brand. I’m always delighted to continue to work alongside my purpose-led clients as their virtual design studio.

From design support, project collaborations and inspiring authentic creative opportunities to continue to share your story and impact in new ways. (For example infographics, illustrations, seasonal campaigns, resources, new services, events or new directions). This not only helps to continue to build your brand assets and keep your brand relevant, fresh and distinctively you, it also helps you to continue to inspire others and make the lasting difference in the world you want to create.

And it all starts with your story.