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You are very much a part of the creative process. It’s a wonderful collaboration that’s all about you and your story. Working alongside you to draw out the details that make you truly unique; your inner strength, natural gifts, skills, experience and values. To transform your passion into your brand. So that you are brimming with confidence, stepping out into the world with a bespoke brand identity and style that authentically reflects you. The key areas of the creative process:



Discovering your story and drawing out the details, values, connections everything that makes you refreshingly unique. Looking at the big picture to review where you are and where you want to be. Providing clarity and design direction. Forming the foundations of your design brief.


Creative thinking and styling to connect your values with innovative ideas and approaches for your brand project to help make your passion authentically visible. This is an integral step of the design process forming and shaping all the details, with every element considered, selected and crafted to elevate your message and tell your story.


Designer ink - creating the initial sketches and concept ideas ready to then develop, refine and finalise your bespoke design. Bringing your ideas into reality!

These are layered between your design proposal and design approvals stages, then finished with the supply of your final design assets.

Why developing an authentic, bespoke brand will exceed your expectations

“The key to reaching your personal and professional goals and living the life of your dreams lies in the power of confidence” Heather Monahan

When you bring your gifts and skills to the world, you’re following your passion and purpose. You’re chasing your goals and your brand needs to align with these. Your brand gives you that first glimpse of your ‘goal’ in a beautiful tangible form. When your branding authentically reflects your unique values and purpose led services, you showcase your best self. Capturing this naturally boosts your confidence and happiness. Other people start to take notice. You’ll discover your own brand voice and style, helping you to create content that has meaningful connections with your ideal clients. Empowered with your bespoke design assets and creative brand styling your confidence will continue to grow to help you instinctively become the guardian of your brand.

It doesn’t end there. Your brand has┬áthe power to make a difference. It has a ripple effect that goes beyond the personal level to make a real impact. Going on to inspire others. To spark a change. And it all starts with you and your story.

Brand by brand, bird by bird, together, we can make a change.


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