How to enhance your brand communications

Your brand has the power to make a difference in how your business is seen, heard and felt. It can enhance your communications through utilising each of our senses, transforming the experience and emotional connection by communicating via:

  • colour
  • form
  • design
  • word
  • and audio.

Whilst there are many factors that are often undervalued, misunderstood or taken for granted about each of these significant and effective methods of brand communication, the last one on the list, brand audio, is often overlooked. Yet, it holds an innate storytelling power of its own.

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Sound communicates on a physical and emotional level, in a similar way to colour

Both sound and colour are primeval senses helping us to survive and thrive

Sound alerts us to danger, helps us to navigate and understand the environment around us, and can calm or energise us. It has been an integral part of building communities and celebrating life from primeval times. And, it still powerfully communicates with us today. You only need to hear a few notes of the England football song ‘Three Lions‘ being played on the radio, social media, or being sung by supporters, to have a sense of national pride and hope swell up inside. It generates a feeling of togetherness, unifying people across generations and cultures. Cheering, supporting, lifting spirits and absolutely celebrating how far we’ve come.

Music can express strong emotions.

It reverberates deep within, connecting with and recalling memories, experiences and emotion. A survey by Live Nation revealed that ‘98% of music fans said that music plays a great role in their happiness’. Music can instantly change moods and positively affect our wellbeing.

Establish identity.

It can also further create and establish an identity and sense of belonging. Again, you only need to think about football fans and music fans to see the power it has to build unifying bridges that cross over any differences to create a place or experience where people feel they belong and are a part of something bigger.

The relationship between image and sound is transformative and enhancing

I have recently worked with one of my incredible clients to create a powerful introductory video to share their vision and mission. This involved bringing together their brand styling and vision in to an animated visual design consisting of image and words. As soon as I had added the soundtrack to the video I literally had goosebumps watching it all together for the first time. Music emotively brings it all to life. Introducing Leading Wild:

Music enhances your brand communications by further expressing your brand personality, evoking emotion, and powerfully communicating your vision by adding contrast, setting the scene, and providing resolution. Like colour, it can lift spirits and bring joy, create calm or energise. It can unify people together for one cause, to create the world we want to see.





How you could enhance your brand communications with sound

Think about the experience you want to provide and how you want your clients to feel. For instance if you have clients in clinic or awaiting treatment/consultation consider restoring music or ambient sounds of nature to help calm anxiety.

What positive difference do you want to make for your clients?

Think about what the audio communicates about your brand personality. Whether it’s music, a voice over or how your team speaks and interacts with your clients. Ensure the tone of voice, intonation, mood and pace is aligned with your brand and message.

What would be your brand’s soundtrack or walk on music?

Consider adding music as part of your brand content, for example within your:

  • brand videos
  • presentations
  • social media posts
  • podcasts
  • e-cards etc.

Ensure your communications are fully aligned with your brand story. This can be achieved by working with independent creatives and brand designers, like myself, who take the time to listen to you and understand your brand. My creative process starts with your brand story; your heritage, vision and values, to then innovate, distil, and bring your ideas into reality.

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“Becks has been incredible through the whole process that we’ve been working together on two projects. Her attention to detail, all-encompassing comprehension of what I needed and her drive to go above and beyond what’s expected is phenomenal. She is able to read and judge the climate just right in terms of the impression the client wants to give and what their client needs to see/experience. I would highly recommend Becks to anyone who wants a bespoke and professional offering.” Jess Latchford, Founder of Leading Wild

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Becks Neale is a Dorset Designer & Brand Consultant, working alongside charities, community initiatives and purpose-led organisations to achieve a brand they love and live, by distilling their brand story.

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