Ethical branding represents itself through visual brand communications

Ethical branding is a multifaceted topic. It covers your purpose, making changes towards living a healthier life, caring for the environment, social causes, inclusivity, and more. It is about encompassing all of these topics into one area.

But how do you tell the public that is what you stand for?

You cannot portray this through words. You would be writing a novel. It takes a strategic visual to bring all of these important, the heart of your brand messaging to the public. It isn’t easy, unless you work with a branding specialist that understands it.

I am naturally a ‘behind the scenes’ person, in my element developing brand assets that further my clients story for their everyday needs. I am characteristically very humble when it comes to talking about myself, my work, and my own brand, I’d much rather be sharing about my clients work and achievements. But because of who I am, what my brand believes and lives by, is why I understand ethical branding to the core. I get it!

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As the person and brand, Becks Neale, I live and breathe ethical branding in all I do!

I don’t talk about myself often but I want to share with you what I’m about. I want to give you a true understanding of why I care about ethical branding within my work and life. It is why my name, Becks Neale is also my brand. The two co-exist. It is why I use visuals to capture the feel of a thriving, welcoming open space of the countryside and coast, communicating visually through the deliberate choice of colours, typography, visual styling and illustrations in my work. It can represent all of the things I stand for and I can deliver the same to you with the same passion, while remaining professional, efficient, and staying in-line with your branding, messaging, marketing, and company-wide goals.

The Great Restoration, a look at improving the wellbeing of the planet and us can be relayed through visuals

An appreciation and love for the outdoors has always existed within me.

I grew up on a small, old family farm in Dorset, with a beautiful meadow and stream home to a local farmer’s grazing cattle, vegetable plot and an orchard planted by my Grandpa. I am a National Trust member. I believe in up-cycling and recycling. I enjoy growing fresh produce, planting plenty of greenery and flowers in our back garden for us and the wildlife. I have also been a vegetarian since middle school. So I can effortlessly draw inspiration to design eco-friendly solutions for brands. I understand this arena extremely well within my own brand and life.

The end result is what you need and want to reach your company goals but it is created with purpose, focus, and a deep understanding of your “why.”

I see a clear need for a vital restoration of wellbeing for the planet and us too. It is magnified, since the pandemic began. It is an intrinsic existence between the two.

So within my work, if your brand is looking to enhance The Great Restoration and be an active participant, I can help you relay this to the public by creating designs that are specific to you. I can work together with my associates, whom are specialists in their field, to construct your design sustainably with recyclable materials and processes in mind.

Alternatively, I can build a design that shows the public how active you are in helping the planet and improving the public’s wellbeing through infographics, illustrations, signage posters, merchandise design, slide decks and presentations.

Getting outdoors and helping the planet, helps us in return. It gives us a sense of peace, re-energises us, and makes us live a healthier life, mentally and physically. Does your target audience know how you are contributing to these vital achievements? The right design conveys all of these attributes, efforts, emotions, accomplishments to your audience, other businesses, and the UK public.

The right design does not stop there. It is also a comprehensive medium that has a positive effect on all that see it. It may encourage others to get involved, to stand up for what they believe in, help out with the planet, and support the same organisations and charities you do.

Why ethical branding matters when it comes to improving outside support, employee morale, and the bottom line?

71% of generation Z are looking to specifically buy from brands involved with causes they care about.

Consumers care about what you believe in. They want to know that who they spend their money with believes and supports the same causes and organisations as them. Without choosing ethical branding and having visual communications that reflect your values, ethics, and business practices then your audience wouldn’t know that. They would be left in the dark. They may choose your competitors that show their stances on the environment, wellbeing and social causes, to name a few. Capture their attention from now.

The same goes for growing your brand. Young adults are looking to work for brands that have the same values as them. It makes them, as employees feel good to work for a company that is making a difference in this world. You may already be doing that but do your employees know about it? What do your internal and external communications convey to others? All of these are part of ethical branding. It is not as easy as creating one social media post that is buried in your Instagram feed, which no one has time to scroll down to see. It is about reaching these different audiences and groups mentioned above. It is about reaching them in a cohesive and streamlined effort. For instance, make your internal graphics and communications match the same feel as your social media posts. Transform your branding with ethical branding.

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Becks Neale is a Dorset Designer & Brand Consultant, working alongside charities, community initiatives and purpose-led organisations to achieve a brand they love and live, by distilling their brand story.

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