Brand design creation and styling new company formation

“Outstanding! Becks has been such a great help to me, right from the start of my business. She designed my logo (brand identity and styling) and has continued with other projects as they arise. She can take my vague ideas and create amazing content.” 
Ian Sheekey, Founder & Director, IS Accountancy
Brand design and styling for purpose led accountancy
Brand design and styling for purpose led chartered accountants


brand resource design and illustration
Brand resource design and bespoke illustration of Warner House, Salisbury



5 Rivers illustrated map of Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire by Becks Neale
Bespoke illustrated map of the three counties Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire and five rivers that converge in Salisbury
Brand illustrated map of Salisbury 'Find us here' by Becks Neale'
Bespoke brand illustrated map of Salisbury featuring local landmarks including Salisbury Cathedral and Salisbury Railway.