Bespoke brand illustration

A collection of bespoke brand artworks to illustrate ‘wild’ activity categories – reconnecting with nature

Creating bespoke brand illustrations for clients is an absolute passion of mine. Original artwork sets your brand uniquely apart and conveys your brand personality in such an authentic, personal way.

Brand identity and illustration by Becks Neale

Brand resource and infographic design for Leading Wild
Bespoke brand illustrations for Leading Wild Day activities and informative leaflet design


Whether your brand personality is bold, quirky, edgy, adventurous, serious, geeky, organic, guardian, nurturer, endearing, serene or nostalgic… (or a mix and more!) – what you stand for and your personality is all part and parcel of the illustrative challenge that I love. There’s not one style fits all. The creative process is about connecting, creating and aligning with your brand story to establish your brand’s illustrative style. It’s one of the steps of your brand adventure that you can take when you are ready. Some clients book this in at the start others revisit when they have specific content to create. For example you can visually show and explain:

  • your processes
  • your ethics
  • different categories (activities/services/groups etc)
  • different levels/tiers of membership
  • instructions (diagrams)
  • key information and data (infographics)
  • concepts and brand vision
  • your brand heritage
  • your craft

If you’ve yet to discover your brand personality and would love some help – let me know and we can chat through your brand adventure options over a virtual coffee/cuppa.

The benefits of bespoke brand artwork

Having bespoke brand artwork in a style that aligns with your brand personality and what you stand for, sets the stage for consistency and recognition and can tell your story in a fresh way. ‘A picture paints a thousand words’:

  • it aids understanding, simplifying complicated concepts and processes
  • helps you to share concepts not yet available in reality, to rally interest and build anticipation
  • distinctive and recognisable as your brand voice and unique entity
  • it helps you bring your vision and brand personality to life; it creates emotional connection, its personable, relatable and resonates
  • it stands out and sets you apart as a leader; communicating value, worth, thought, attention to detail, and your passion and care for what you do
  • it can disrupt ‘the norm’, and inspire…
  • and convey the very heart of your message

My creative tools are illustration & storytelling (teamed with a strong imagination!) – and within that approach is the core discipline and value that every detail has a purpose and part of your story to communicate. The style and approach, the material and media used is considered to create you your bespoke brand artwork.

If you’d love to define your brand’s illustrative style, let’s chat.