Brand illustration for climate justice

Creating brand illustrations to inspire hope and action for climate justice.

Talking climate justice brand illustration collection and resource design
Climate justice placard, downloadable resource material and brand illustrations for print and screen.


The design and concept of Christian Aid’s Talking Climate Justice Tour DIY Kit is to enable churches to host their own conversational event around the climate crisis and action for hope and restoration. The kit is a downloadable pdf document with steps and top tips plus links to further content and support.

This resource was illustrated, instead of using photographs, to allow individuals to identify themselves more readily, inspire creativity and encourage interaction with the resource and topic to create their own event. The illustrations celebrated cultural and generational diversity, to encourage all ages and abilities to get involved in the conversations and ‘hope-filled possibilities for action to reduce the impact of climate change’ (Katalina Tahaafe Williams, Theologian)

“We’ve been actively engaged in the whole question of climate for around two years. But I think this is probably the first time that we’ve ever allowed such a space to hear people talk about the fears that they have about the future of our planet. It was really refreshing, it reminded us that actually there is so much wisdom within the life of our own community.” Rev Mike Coates (All Saints Church, Liverpool)

“Your designs have brought to life the heart of this project, giving the Tour an identity that leaps of the page and keeps things consistent! Thanks Becks! 🙂” Jessica Hall, Christian Aid Campaigns and Organising Officer

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