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Catena Space case study

The lovely Tanya shares her unique insight on what it’s like to work directly with me. We carried out the project from beginning to end, remotely from the comfort of our own individual working spaces, between Surrey and Dorset.

Thanks Tanya!

The Problem

“Catena Space was looking to create some printed case studies for some of our projects. We wanted some material that we could share with potential customers that explained a little bit more about what we did and gave some examples. We had a rough idea about the content that we wanted but as to how it was going to look we didn’t really have much of an idea, so really we looked to Becks to help us with coming up with how things would look how they would feel and trusted her to make sure that would fit in with our existing brand colour scheme and design that we had already”.

The Solution

“The most value that Becks provided to us was in, I think just tying things together to make sure that we were telling a coherent story. And in addition to the technical design work and making sure that we had a clear brief and scope of the project, actually really easy to work with. Really good to stay in contact with Becks and to sort of have an iterative process so when we were being a bit indecisive we could share that and create together a better result that really met our needs”.

The Process

What was the process like for you?

  • drawing out values
  • typography chosen to reflect the look and feel of a report, compiling their brand colour palette and extracting design elements from their  current brand assets
  • creating a bespoke template, editable pdf – new layout helps the viewer easily scan the page for the desired information
  • brand guidelines detailing the font and colour references

“It’s a really easy process and even if you don’t know what you need, or what you want, there’s a great process for getting you thinking about that and using words to then translate into visuals which you know for me was a great process as I’m a really wordy person. Probably why I never know what I want in terms of design. So using words to describe my business, my project, is a really great way of getting started and, yeah it’s just not a scary thing if you’ve got a design project that you need, just to have a conversation and explain what you want, when you need it by, and that just kicks off process to get some quotes and ideas and then you can take it from there”.

The Result

“As a result of working with Becks we have some beautiful case studies that we got printed that we’ve been able to share with various conferences and exhibitions. We’ve got a template so that we can create more as we have new projects and more information to share and we have a good idea around the kind of things we need to think about when we’re designing materials in the future. So it’s been learning process for us and we have also got exactly what we needed from the process and we are really happy with the results”.

Case studies

And Beyond

“I think that I’m always a bit apprehensive about working with designers because it’s way out of my comfort zone and I don’t really know what I need to know. So discovering an expert and being able to trust them to translate my waffled descriptions and ideas of what I want, into something real and tangible, and colourful and beautiful, is a great thing to have! So I would recommend Becks and I have done on at least a couple of occasions for various different design projects. I work for a technical company but I know that there’s a lot more that Becks can do so one of my recommendations was for a book cover and also for another project that I’m working on looking at the website and branding and bringing that all together as well, really starting from scratch. So I look forward to working with Becks in the future and it’s been a lovely process and a great experience so far”.

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