Charity t.shirt design for changemakers

Your brand values attract your supporters

Charity t.shirt design

Wearing a charity t.shirt with pride shows what you stand for and helps raise awareness of the charity.

The typographical design for Christian Aid (available in English and Bilingual Welsh/English) features the different activities supporters participate in, celebrates who they are, and their values, which not by coincidence but consciously, align with Christian Aid’s brand values and purpose.

The supporters feel part of something bigger.

They are proud to be #CAChampions

  • changemakers
  • justice seekers
  • joyful givers
  • pancake flippers
  • sunshine walkers
  • poverty fighters

The t.shirts were also worn with pride and in united team spirit by those participating in the 300k Steps fundraising challenge.

300k Steps Fundraising Challenge

Designing resources for the fundraising challenge in support of Christian Aid Week

The aim of the social media assets, press releases and digital banners created, was to inspire people from all walks of life to get involved in the 300k steps challenge, in their own way.

Whether joined by their four-legged companions, with family, colleagues and friends – we wanted to inspire hope and wellbeing, whilst raising awareness of the flagship fundraising appeal Christian Aid Week.

charity tshirt design and print and digital marketing material for changemakers
Typographical charity t.shirt design and fundraising challenge resource designs and illustrations

The 300k steps campaign raised £137k for the Christian Aid Week 2022 Campaign, attracting new and existing supporters alike.

Find out more about Christian Aid’s work and fundraising challenges.