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The Problem

When Jeanne first approached me for some design work she was initially looking for a social media header design to align the platform more with her website. As we discussed the current disconnect, it became apparent Jeanne wasn’t 100% happy with her brand; she was continually struggling to achieve a consistent look and feel. This block resulted in frustration. Exhausting her limited and precious time trying to showcase her amazing services at their best but with despondent results. 

“In the beginning, I wasn’t able to get my head wrapped around how to get things to her and get it all out of my head. This is where the miracle happened. Becks realized that we do have it in our heads and so she came up with a branding program that “knocked my socks off”. It’s a do it yourself program where she created the branding guide and designed the pieces step by step with a bit of my input on the designs along the way”.

The Solution

To review Jeanne’s brand and create a brand style guide to help Jeanne capture and maintain the integrity of her brand. Identifying her core brand colour palette, brand typography, style of photography along with the creation of bespoke icon designs for her different services, a softer signature main logo design and social media header.

“Your guide has been so valuable as I continually refer back to it and as I learn and get into things more. I’ve definitely made some mistakes along the way, yet they stand out like a sore thumb once other things are going in a good direction”.

The Process

Explore - Focusing on Jeanne's story to draw out her values and unique gifts. Her client needs and the results she achieves with them. Forming the design direction for her personal brand refresh.

Innovate - Creative brand styling. Identifying and connecting the visual design elements (colour, style, look and feel, typography) to create a unified brand voice.

Create - Development of the bespoke icon artwork, signature logo and social media header. All beautifully detailed inside her brand style guide.

The Result

“Folks, she nailed it! I am so proud of my brand and it represents my business style so perfectly. I’m in the process of building new programs and now my Mechanic (wealth dynamics) is in full flow instead of me being stuck every day on photos, colors, font etc. She gave me clear instructions that I can work with every day. I couldn’t have done this without Becks and her amazing talent. She really is outstanding in her field. And if you haven’t met her yet, she is one of the kindest and easy to talk with individuals I have ever met. On top of all that, the process itself was seamless and enjoyable!”

Using her new brand style guide and design assets Jeanne began implementing the look and feel across her website and social media getting there piece by piece as I build my confidence, again thanks to Becks!” 

“This too shows us all that just a tweak of our service or brand can open up brand new doors. I will absolutely be recommending her to every client down the road.

Thank you Becks for the business and life changing experience!!!” 

Jeanne Patti – USA


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