Rebrand and styling

“Becks took time really getting to know me and what I wanted my business to represent, including my values, ideal client, etc. The outcome of doing all the detailed ground work was the first designs she produced I loved! She produced a comprehensive set of brand guidelines and was a pleasure to work with. The logo and brand has received many compliments since launch”.

Marion Hewitt, HR Advocate, Coach & Trainer

The illustration of the Protea flower was a central piece to the brand, captured in the movement and transformation of opening up, it beautifully symbolises the unleashing of inner power that’s within each and everyone of us. The stylised base of the flower is suggestive of hands cupped together, the inner petals the flame of potential and worth; creating a nurturing, inspiring culture that seeks to nourish the potential in each individual in order to ‘unleash the power of your people’.

Discover how to empower your team or appreciate your own true worth:

rebrand and brand styling