Up-levelling your brand

Developing your brand styling to up-level and align your brand

Your brand evolves over time as you forge your path forward and refine your processes.

It was an honour to work again with the amazing career coach and advisor Jeanne Patti on the next exciting stage of her brand adventure. We started this next chapter by conducting a brand audit, as her business had evolved and beautifully niched to ‘help people stuck in their mid-to-late career cycles overcome their fears and discover their value and purpose’.

Some of the shared traits and values with Jeanne’s ideal audience are:

  • a love of structure, order and completion
  • a sense of fulfilment, value, worth, belonging
  • trustworthiness; authentic, dependable, committed

During the brand audit we revisited Jeanne’s brand story, brand vision and current resources/platforms. Recommendations and support to take forward together from the findings included the following key aspects:

  • redesigning the layout and structure of resources to bring them into alignment with the new direction,
  • a colour palette refresh and refinement to communicate the different levels of accomplishment within Jeanne’s trusted, proven process and methodology,
  • creating a combined illustrative/typography version of Jeanne’s logo
  • development of title and brand tagline to convey the heart of the positive impact her work creates
  • sharpening the imagery content to give an authentic, personal touch that communicates Jeanne’s passion, expertise and care.

The above actions together with the development of a collection bespoke brand artworks lift the brand touchpoints, resources and worksheets to a whole new level. One that brims with clarity, reassurance, confidence and worth.

“…I absolutely love it and am in awe over the ‘reason’ for each section.  It’s brilliant… it feels so ‘right’.  I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback without asking… Thanks for your amazingness Becks!  You have a true talent.” Jeanne Patti, Career Coach & Advisor

Here are some snapshots of the brand styling refinement ready for Jeanne’s next chapter:


Brand styling and identity design - discovering your value
Brand styling and structure refinement
Brand illustration personality types
Bespoke brand illustrations to represent the four temperament archetypes

















Brand styling slide deck design
Branded slide deck templates for signature process
Brand illustration personality temperament types
Bespoke brand illustrations for the four temperament archetypes: Artisan, Guardian, Idealist, Rational