How critical is design to your business?

Can an intangible asset transform your business?

Let’s take a look at the value of design with your business:

Your brand (the look and feel of your business) is a reflection of you and your values. Creating the all important first impressions. It has the power to influence what others say about your services and how you are perceived by the world. Your brand incorporates the many touchpoints your business has; invoicing, business cards, website, forms, appearance, premises etc. These all give an impression of your business. Thoughtfully designed these can help you to guide your clients through a wonderful journey. Create the incredible brand experience you aspire to provide.

7 amazing benefits of investing time and resources for design:

  • Generate new innovations
  • Create additional value
  • Increase sales turnover
  • Gain your competitive advantage
  • Raise awareness of your brand/business
  • Increase brand loyalty (repeat customers and word of mouth referrals – gold dust!)
  • Showcase your distinctive edge


At the end of last year, The Design Economy 2018 report from the Design Council recorded:

‘Visual design is critical to sales turnover and competitiveness’

There are different types of design:

  • Visual Design: brand identity, promotional material, marketing, visual experience
  • Systems & Process Design: services and production processes, user experience, interaction
  • Product Design: physical items eg. building, transport, furniture, utensils, and electronic chips

Out of the three types of design 54% of UK firms place visual design as critical to sales turnover and competitiveness*.

The importance that each type of design plays is of course dependent on the industry sector (and this importance increases with the size of the organisation). Design is a unique, valuable resource available to you for innovation. To create something that’s distinctive and recognisably you. And to create an incredible brand experience. Create, refine, establish. It’s all to gain!

  • How could you elevate your customer journey?
  • What would ease the different processes for your team/clients?
  • Where could you make a change to make your team happy?
  • What could your business provide that’s distinctive to you?

The Value of Design

How do UK organisations use design:

Strategy: Only 10% of UK businesses use design throughout their business as a central element. Determining new products, services, processes, direction, and innovation. A critical element of their business strategy.

Process: 24% of UK businesses integrate design within operational and delivery aspects of their business.

Interface: 26% of UK businesses use design within their brand touchpoints for their customers.

Non Design: 40% of UK businesses only use design as a very minor part of their operations.

*figures from The Design Economy 2018 by Design Council based on a survey of 1,006 firms.

Value of design to elevate your business


As you can see, investing in design elevates your business to the next step.

Styling can make an instant impact, raising awareness of your brand and setting yourself apart for what you uniquely do best.

Design is all about people and how it can help enrich their lives. It’s often used to simplify complex problems. Providing clarity, focus and direction.

Allowing it to completely saturate into your business to the very heart and core of what you do can elevate your business into the top 10% of UK businesses. Designing and creating with purpose. Consistently aligned to your values and vision. and filter out to the world.

Where to start?

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Becks Neale is a Dorset Designer & Brand Consultant, working alongside charities, community initiatives and purpose-led organisations to achieve a brand they love and live, by distilling their brand story.

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