Purpose-led, pioneering brand creation

Crafting the identity of a purpose-led, pioneering brand

It’s such a privilege and honour to work with purpose-led founders to capture and translate their inspiring vision into visual and tangible form, bringing the brand, it’s personality and all that it stands for into reality.

Introducing Leading Wild – an innovative, world changing brand

Working together from the very start of a brand journey is always a magical and unique time. It was on one cold winter’s day within a strategical brainstorm meeting, with founder Jess Latchford, and marketing/business gurus Shaun and Jacqui Purdy, to discuss the initial seed of the idea, the hopes, ecosystem, mission and vision, from which burst forth the powerful and engaging concept that was to become: Leading Wild.

Following our meeting, I worked with Jess to develop the solid foundations ready to craft her a rich, fully aligned brand identity and tag line that captured the brand’s personality and mission.

From the colours, design style of typography and brand illustrations through to the physical words and imagery: every aspect comes together to tell the story of Leading Wild.

Purpose-led brand identity development by designer Becks Neale

Brand support

With the brand identity established, the next exciting step of the brand adventure is the creation of the brand touchpoints from:

  • business stationery
  • resources
  • leaflets
  • presentation slide decks
  • infographics to inspire and visually explain the processes and how to get involved
  • through to website design concept and styling
  • plus their emotive and powerful vision video (watch at end of article)

Plus ongoing brand alignment support: to bounce back ideas, review and bespoke recommendations for upcoming projects, content development, and opportunities…

Purpose-led brand website styling concepts by Becks NealePurpose led brand touchpoints - brand mission slide deck by Becks Neale


A rich, purpose-led brand vision and mission

Excited to share with you the powerful introductory video created to share Leading Wild’s vision and mission. This involved bringing together their brand styling and vision into an animated visual design, consisting of image and words. I literally had goosebumps watching it all together for the first time. Music emotively adds another dimensional layer, adding pace and atmosphere. The beautiful, communicative power of image and sound.

Find out more about Leading Wild’s vital leadership work and how you can get involved.

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