Annual report design and illustration

Using design and illustration to celebrate the year and share the vision for the future

2021 was undeniably another challenging year and continuing time of uncertainty. (Especially with the lasting impacts of Covid-19, rising number of natural disasters, as well as man-made conflicts). These uncertain times require change and adaptation from many traditional ways of doing, thinking and being. To instead: discovering, learning and leading new approaches in order to stay connected and overcome the many evolving challenges together.

We also need hope and encouragement.

The aim of the Diocese of Salisbury’s Annual Review and End of Year Report was to celebrate progress amidst trials; sharing thankfulness for God’s faithfulness; shining a light on the work being carried out in the community; whilst acknowledging areas for change in alignment to their hopes, vision and values for 2022.

This emotive feel and vision is communicated through the refreshed visual styling to incorporate:

  • three interconnected flowing lines which run throughout both reports (representing the Trinity and Christian values faith, hope, love)
  • movement and energy through the flowing lines, sparkling dot detail (representing hope, celebration, vision)
  • uplifting, dependable colours
  • bespoke infographics and illustrations to visually communicate; changes and activities happening within the community to inspire and engage; to simplify data for income and expenses, and statistics
  • photographs from events, local projects and key moments; adding a personal touch, bringing the stories to life
  • a community feel; both locally and globally, within the church life and beyond the church walls, education and youth work

Bespoke brand infographics from stats and survey data

Every detail considered to create a down to earth, visually appealing and understandable record of year end accounts and improve the reader engagement and  experience.

Brand resource design, infographics and styling annual reviewBrand resource design, infographics and styling for end of year report