brand house style guide and resource design

Internal and external resources redesigned to update and bring the documents into alignment with the refreshed branding.

The update to the house stye guide for writers and editors aimed to simplify and improve the usability experience. It provides a quick reference tool to ensure ‘accurate, appropriate, inclusive, clear and consistent’ writing internally and externally, to continue to build brand trust and united voice.

‘Our words are powerful: they speak of who we are and what we believe’. The language and words used should support and uphold Christian Aid’s brand values and commitments to be person centred, uphold their dignity and communicate with love, equality and justice.

Brand values are also important to express within all brand touchpoints and resources.

The ‘Employee benefits handbook’ and ‘Appointment of chief executive booklet’, communicate the brand values alongside their vision and culture, setting the ‘give and receive’ expectations, from and for them. Highlighting the impact of the role from a personal, local, national and global level, inspiring them as to how they are part of something bigger. The new styling includes active, bold shapes and colours, angled text, person centred photography and storytelling which communicates their mission to lift people from poverty and help empower to restore equality and justice.

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