A part of nature

The UK is home to a variety of amazing and beautiful habitats and species, yet it is heartbreakingly one of the most nature-depleted countries on earth, and is still in decline.

1 in 6 species in the UK are at risk of extinction [1] and 97% of wildflower meadows have been lost since the 1930’s [2]. We’re now realising the detrimental impact decisions, actions, and ways of being have caused during the last 50 years or more – not only to our beautiful surroundings but also to the wellbeing of life.

This is why what you stand for as a brand, is more important today than ever before. You have the power to create thriving cultures and ecosystems, reimagine potential and make positive impacts for nature and wellbeing.


First up the challenge: ‘The disconnection’

…apart from nature, ourselves, each other

Through the years we’ve distanced ourselves from nature in the pursuit of growth and drive for more;

  • clearing land, forests and hedgerows to maximise production and wealth;
  • hard landscaping for easy maintenance and to get to places quicker;
  • using artificial fertilisers and pesticides striving to control and create predictive environments and optimal growing conditions…
  • ‘throw-away’ society, non-repairable products, single use, fast fashion… As the thought provoking children’s book ‘Away’ written by Dani Seatter explains in an imaginative way: ‘there is no away’.

These actions, amongst many more, have been progressively degrading nature around us and in the wider world. The soil we stand on, the produce we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink. It is literally costing us the earth.

Our technology and online-filled lifestyles — whilst they can and do enhance our lives when used intentionally and with purpose (there are so many positives including education, business, research, reach…) — can also have a negative side that extends this disconnect and discontent. Especially when used out of balance, and living lives in a state of being constantly online;

  • Ironically more connected than ever, but also more isolated and distracted — decreasing quality interactions with each other. [3]
  • Constantly on alert for notifications, not wanting to miss out, increased screen time.
  • Developing habits of instant gratification, an endless drive for more, encouraging overspending, borrowing.
  • Changing the meaning of words; ‘web’, ‘tweet’, ‘stream’, ‘cloud’ — a reflection of today’s tech-savvy generation ‘more at home on the internet than they are in the woods’ [4].
  • Comparison — losing sense of self and self worth.

‘This disconnect [from nature] has been linked to a range of health issues, including stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic illnesses such as heart disease and obesity.’ Earth Trust

How much of this disconnect do you see daily?

‘Business as usual’ needs a radical rethinking, reshaping and recommissioning to support lives and wellbeing, to achieve freedom, happiness, a sense of being enough, having enough. It needs authentic, emotive purpose at its core.


A vital part of the solution: ‘Reconnection’

…with nature, ourselves, each other

We need connection; social and environmental, in the same way our wonderful wildlife needs the hedgerows and wild spaces that connect and act as green corridors, to be able to survive and thrive.

Nature supports all living things. It is beneficial to our own health and wellbeing [5], holding the power to restore wellbeing and the key to a better, healthier planet – if we can live and work in harmony with nature. Your brand can play a major part in this – just imagine the positive impacts you can make by putting nature and humanity first.

Participants in a National Trust survey reported four key benefits of ‘noticing nature’ [6]:

  1. being more mindful;
  2. an increased sense of togetherness;
  3. feeling liberated,
  4. and an enhanced sense of self worth. 
Looking back, nature has always been a huge inspiration to me


Becks Neale - nature connection collage of photos throughout the years adorned with illustrations of buttercups

(Photo collage; blooms as big as me, action awards from RSPB as part of the Young Ornithologists’ Club (YOC), planting trees, wading through ‘puddles’ in a plantation, wildflowers and wildflower seeds in our meadow orchard, currently reading this beautiful book ‘Meadow – The intimate bond between people, place and plants ‘ by Iain Parkinson, featuring stunning photos by Jim Holden and published by Kew Publishing, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 2022)


Awe and wonder

I’ve been in awe of nature from a young age; from spending time in the fields, meadow, woods, hills, stream and garden; exploring, walking, flying kites, blackberry picking with my brothers and our dogs; through to scooping up little creatures safely away from becoming play things to our much loved cats. ‘Letting things be’ in nature can be a steep learning curve.

Much to my Gran’s dismay, I’d occasionally bring inside injured or abandoned creatures found in the garden, cowshed or on our walk home from the school bus (birds, shrews, even hoglets – baby hedgehogs, a baby grey squirrel and the tiniest harvest mouse). All with the aim (and constant hope) to provide a quiet space for them to recover, ready to be released back into the wild (often with the help of my Gran). It was amazing to be able to get so close to nature, see the incredible details and markings, which nurtured a real empathy for all creatures, wild and tame.

Growing and flourishing

Growing up, I loved helping parents in the garden with planting and growing flowers, fruit and vegetables. Harvesting home grown produce was like finding hidden treasures (especially picking the cherry tomatoes and raspberries – delicious), we’d sit around the kitchen table to prepare the produce and enjoy meals together.

I’ve developed a love of being out in the garden ever since; whether with hands in the soil planting, wedding, sowing seeds, growing some of our own fruit and veg (lots of trial and learning!), or simply relaxing and enjoying outdoor spaces. It’s a place I can relax and recharge in.

It’s exciting to see what will come into bloom throughout the seasons and what wildlife visitors our little meadow orchard project attracts. Last winter we had our first Redwing (which looks fairly similar to a Thrush but with a red blush below its wing, and pale cream stripe above it’s eye). So exciting!

Another influential person for me is Dr Jane Goodall, who gave a talk at my school about her work with apes and orphaned chimpanzees. I remember being so inspired by her work, her understanding and real connection with nature. I love that our paths have intertwined since (albeit from a distance), with Jane being a patron for one of the charities I work with. Seeing her contribution within the charity’s report I was designing, transported me straight back to that moment in time. It feels like a good sign of being on the right track.

‘What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.’ Dr Jane Goodall


A part of nature

Nature is vital to our lives, we’re a part of it and its’ incredible ecosystem – wherever we are; where we live, work, play… it’s an incredible, sustaining source of life and wonder.

Each decision and action we make has the potential to positively impact our ecosystems and wellbeing if we keep nature in mind:

  • environment (indoors and surrounding outside spaces…)
  • resources (energy, water, air, food, talent…)
  • and people (team, clients, suppliers, family, community…)

Discover more about your brand ecosystem.

Choices and actions

I believe that through our choices and actions (no matter how small) as individuals, communities, businesses and brands, we can collectively make big, positive impacts to help people reconnect with nature and restore a healthy world that’s thriving and rich in nature.

I highly recommend you check out: Save Our Wild Isles: Natures Workforce from WWF, RSPB, and the National Trust. A resource packed with insights, ideas and conversation starters to rally your nature allies in your team.

Start where you’re at today

When we hold nature at the heart of our decisions, we notice it more.

What we notice, we care for.

And what we care for, we protect.


Here’s to brand collaborations, inspiring actions and working together, consistently showing up for what we stand for.



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Banner photo: three years into our home meadow orchard project.

Becks Neale is a Dorset Designer & Brand Consultant, working alongside charities, community initiatives and purpose-led organisations to achieve a brand they love and live, by distilling their brand story.

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