How to strengthen your hotel brand experience

What welcome does your hotel provide?

What impression do your rooms give?

Are they an eclectic mismatch of styles that detract from the experience you’d like to provide your guests?

Do your rooms speak of your brand story?

We know that up to 90% of instant impressions are influenced heavily by colour and visual appearance;

  • pre-conceived connections
  • the feelings and emotions the colour and space evokes
  • the perceived appropriateness of colour (especially when it comes to food)

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So how do you put this into practice?

Five things to carefully consider to strengthen your hotel brand experience (before jumping head first into using your favourite colours and accessories).

01 lifestyle:

How is the space used and who is using the space? What are your guests looking for? Anticipate and exceed your guests needs for that particular space / activity to create a ‘cared for’ personal brand experience that helps to create cherished memories.

02 experience:

How do you want the space to feel? Restful, calm, exquisite, formal, romantic, sophisticated grandeur etc. Set the tone with the right colour palette and extend the mood & feel through the styling, lighting and finishing touches around the room. Maybe your guests are with you to celebrate a special occasion – consider what little extras you can do as part of the experience to make their occasion distinctive and personal. A little effort goes a long way.

Your team are also very much a part of your brand and the experience your guests receive. It’s important to ensure everyone understands and carries out their duties and responsibilities in alignment to your brand values. What they say and do, their appearance and helpfulness, all influence the impression. Ensure uniforms are practical and comfortable as well as perfectly looking the part.

03 authenticity:

How can this space provide an extension of your brand story? What are the key features? What’s distinctive to you? What’s the history of your building? What’s appropriate to the space? What do you want to be remembered for?

Brand presence is about more than just your logo. Your brand has its own look and feel, complete with its unique characteristics which can be beautifully distilled in colour and form to powerfully transform a space and strengthen your authentic brand experience. It’s all in the detail.

04 longevity:

Will the colours and styling work for how you want to use the space for different occasions, now, and in the future? You can keep it fresh and timeless using neutral colours and change up the colour scheme with beautiful accent colours through the soft furnishings and accessories – perfect for changing the space with the seasons!

05 seasonal:

Is it a welcoming space for use during each season? Does the colour palette invite you in and tempt you to stay? What finishing touches could you add to adapt and refresh the space to work well for you throughout the whole year? Anticipate what your guests will need; for example cosy throws, fir cones and kindling wood ready for the fire, a good book for colder days; or beautiful window spaces adorned with flowing sheer beautiful fabrics to disperse the sunshine, shaded spaces, ornate paper fans, family activities and lawn games etc.

Guests are looking for a personal, welcoming ‘home from home’ experience, where they feel valued and wanted. Strengthening your brand experience leaves a lasting impression, creating memories of a lifetime that guests will want to share with their loved ones, and return again and again.

Don’t blend in, instead showcase what’s distinctive to you and your brand story.

Speak to Becks about defining your brand vision and strengthening your brand experience. 

Becks Neale is a Dorset Designer & Brand Consultant, working alongside charities, community initiatives and purpose-led organisations to achieve a brand they love and live, by distilling their brand story.

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