2 Charity brand design tips for a post-coronavirus era

After the coronavirus, when life returns to a new “norm” after lockdown, your supporters, team, and regulars will have additional needs requiring different services and support than they had before the pandemic. They will need a calming presence, a desire to feel a strong sense of community spirit, and learn positive ways to take back control of their own lives, financially and mentally.

These are only some of the basic requirements needed from you in a post-coronavirus world. So catering your branding to answer these and additional post-coronavirus challenges is imperative to reaching your audience and achieving your fundraising and organisational goals.

1. Create a visual that shows how your charity adapts to the future, no matter the circumstances

Show helpful ways your staff and those you support stay safe, even during a pandemic. This may include the best ways for your staff to engage with the public while still providing services to those who need it most. Exhibit the information in an infographic and share it, internally and externally.

By taking this step and displaying your safety measures for all to see, you are telling people how your charity cherishes and safeguard’s people’s lives and health. It is a number one priority. As a result, your name is directly associated with feelings of reassurance, confidence, and protection.

2. Update your website images with covid-19 messaging

Think about your current website and online presence.

Use your website to show how you support the most vulnerable, at-risk, and those who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

One way to achieve this is to create a map infographic with food bank locations across the UK with your brand colours and font type in a balanced and easy to read visual design. Another way is to show how your charity offers help and support with current issues, for example with CV writing, job searches, and free online fitness classes, if applicable.

Designing an online website graphic to display this information makes a positive and powerful statement about your charity without you having to say a word. It also gives the public immediate assistance with the answers they are searching for.

Steps you can take now

Now is the time to assess and audit your brand to ensure you come out the other side of this lockdown prepared. Show how your charity is relevant, stronger and adaptable to a post-coronavirus life. I can help you with this. Working alongside you to identify the areas of your brand that are out of alignment with your objectives, and recommend strategies to support your vision and purpose. Helping you to raise your brand and generate relevant attraction for your organisation.

Contact me to discuss your brand strategy, needs and objectives.


Becks Neale is a Dorset Designer & Brand Consultant, working alongside charities, community initiatives and purpose-led organisations to achieve a brand they love and live, by distilling their brand story.

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