Become the perfect choice – attract your ideal client

The changing landscape

More and more organisations and businesses are delivering their services online and working remotely. Enforced by lockdown many founders and owners converted their physical classes, consultations, training, therapy, support and events to online virtual services during recent times. This transition helped them to continue their work and interact with their clients in a new way.

They discovered the benefits and efficiencies that a virtual delivery brings, for example:

  • innovating new services
  • ability to help more clients
  • the ability to work with clients anywhere in the world
  • lowering expenses and overheads
  • saving time
  • being there with the family at meal time

So it’s hardly surprising that many organisations now want to continue with their online offerings.

However, it’s also brings with it a greater challenge to stand out! Barriers that were created by locality and providing services physically have been significantly reduced by this move to virtual delivery of services. Bringing with it more choice and comparison for your audience but it can also come across as less personal if not carefully and meaningfully constructed.

What if we take these challenges and use them instead as an opportunity to stand out?


Be seen and heard within the crowded market

One of the core reasons brand messaging, whether campaigns, ads, posts, website copy etc can fail is that the message is too broad. It’s trying to communicate with too many people and likely trying to achieve too many objectives at once. You don’t know WHO you are speaking to. Your ideal client doesn’t know that you are speaking to them. It doesn’t resonate.

Gaining clarity on your ideal client is vital to create an authentic brand.

It’s a step that you really can’t afford to skip over. Your client is at the centre of what you do and why you do it.

I’ve seen first hand the transformational impact from understanding and knowing who your ideal client is. How having this knowledge filters through to simplify and focus the brand messaging. Ensuring everything said and done is on brand, effectively communicates and resonates to achieve the desired objective.

I’ve also seen the challenges and struggles people have in developing a powerful client persona. A lot of business owners have a strong resistance to niching, in part this is through the fear of missing out on sales or fearing that by niching it will limit their appeal.

So I have created a mini course to help you navigate past those obstacles and dispel those fears so that you can powerfully define who your perfect client is. Then go on to use your new found insights to ensure that you are seen and heard within the crowded market, helping you attract more of your ideal client type, those that you relish working with, and to become their perfect choice.

Online course now available!

‘Focus your business with client personas’

Discover how you can develop and use powerful client personas so that you can be seen and heard in a crowded market place.

Find out more about how to identify your ideal client – online course



Image: Jonathan Ford | Unsplash

Becks Neale is a Dorset Designer & Brand Consultant, working alongside charities, community initiatives and purpose-led organisations to achieve a brand they love and live, by distilling their brand story.

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