Why brand strategy is rooted in your story

A personal approach to brand strategy for purpose-led founders

Whether reviewing, refreshing or developing a new brand, my process always starts with your story; this is the first integral part of your brand strategy.

It forms the foundations from which everything else draws from, to distill your unique essence into your brand. A brand that you can fully step into, that transforms your feelings of overwhelm and doubt into a renewed energy, confidence and clarity.

A brand that is aligned, inspires and engages, to organically grow your business and enables you to do more of what you love, whilst increasing the impact you make in other’s lives.

It is a collaborative, creative and thoughtful process, and one which I love. Fitting all the pieces of your puzzle together, to develop a cohesive picture that embodies everything you are about and all that you stand for.

As a founder you are so close to what you do

It can be challenging trying to make sense of your thoughts and working out how it all pieces together. This can often leave you going round in circles, feeling overwhelmed and stuck in research mode.

I want you to feel understood, inspired and re-energised about your brand. Here is what my clients have said about the process: “I’m blown away by how you’ve encompassed everything and more that’s been whirling around my head for months now…”

If you are looking for some fresh perspective, support and a personal approach , let’s schedule a virtual coffee, and chat through your brand and the support you need.

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Why Autumn is a great time to review your brand strategy

Whilst you can absolutely create or review your brand strategy at any time of year, there is also something poignant about setting aside time to revisit it in the Autumn.

‘There is a time for everything and a season for every activity…’ Ecclesiastes 3

The gentle hazy long days of summer are gradually subsiding into the early morning mists of Autumn with chilly starts and spectacular fiery sunsets. This time of year sees the leaves of the trees transform to an amazing show of colours, whilst structural, elegant seed heads in their final foray for the year announce the time for bedding down, in preparation to rejuvenate next year. So Autumn provides a natural time for hunkering down for some self care, time to reflect and reset:

  • your purpose
  • how you are doing
  • what you want to achieve
  • what brightens your day
  • and what legacy you want to create

Dedicating this time focusing on your life in your brand (aligning your work life and home life), presents a holistic view so that you can identify:

  • the good things, the fruits and seeds produced – what’s working really well (and how can you preserve those)
  • what needs nurturing more – are there other opportunities, what could you do differently
  • what needs weeding out – take stock and review (remember you can always revisit past ideas at later date, sometimes it can be that the timing simply wasn’t right)
  • where to focus your energy

to ensure you are living out your brand and retelling your story.

These are all elements that are encompassed within your personal brand strategy; exploring, reviewing, identifying and designing the solution as to how all those different pieces fit together so that everything is aligned and authentic to you.


What is a brand strategy?

Your guiding north star

Your brand strategy is firstly about understanding your story. This is the very roots, embodying your purpose and all that you stand for. It defines your values, attributes and characteristics. What makes you you. Once the brand foundations are in place, you can develop how you communicate and retell your story through your visual identity, tone of voice, content and processes internally and externally.

Brand strategy tree puzzle pieces_rooted in your story_brand consultant_Becks Neale



(Image: Pieces of the tree puzzle rooted in your story that make up your brand strategy to help your business grow)

Why strategy makes a difference

In a nut-shell, it enables you to create the world you want to see.

It does this by providing you with your north star to filter all decisions through for your business, processes and opportunities. As well as content themes and how you communicate. It is ‘who’ your brand is, as an entity.

Your brand strategy supports and directs you and your team by helping you:

  • question the different choices available so that you ensure the one you take fully aligns with your values and takes you another step closer to your vision
  • keep a consistent brand experience and identity
  • evolve your brand and business over time; you can look back at everything documented so far, celebrate your achievements, see where more work is needed, look to your next chapter

Everything is connected and aligned with your values from the roots up, with your purpose running through your core, branching out into everything that you say and do.

Your passion, your purpose, your brand. Design to tell your story

Book your free brand discovery call with me to chat through how we can work together to help you develop your personal brand strategy.



Artwork by Becks Neale

Becks Neale is a Dorset Designer & Brand Consultant, working alongside charities, community initiatives and purpose-led organisations to achieve a brand they love and live, by distilling their brand story.

Design to tell your story.

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