Why rebranding a non-profit increases donations and awareness

UK charities are rebranding and it is paying off!

Non-profits are seeing a positive impact on brand awareness and donations after completing a rebrand. One example of this is Macmillan.

In 2018/19, Macmillan went through a branding overhaul. They dove deep into the non-profit and realised it needed to update its messaging.

The goal was to reach a wider audience and to highlight the services the charity provides, which is not just the impact the charity has at the end of life.Instead, the messaging focused on the positive support it brings to those living with cancer, their family members, volunteers, and carers. It is a shift in the messaging so the font type, logo design, design layouts of product placements for the charity, and other branding all followed suit.

Change the logo

Macmillan Charity 2019 rebranding
Macmillan’s 2019 brand refresh ‘right there with you’


So Macmillan decided on a complete visual refresh. The charity changed the colours, logos, fonts, and photography style to make the content look more modern and relevant while still conveying a recognisable feel. The charity also changed the materials the content is printed upon, besides using digital platforms, to remain sustainable and prevent itself from contributing to the environment any needless waste.

See how the Macmillan brand has evolved through the years, from the founding of the charity in 1911, by Douglas Macmillan. Watch here. (From: Macmillan’s heritage story).

The stats for the 2019 rebrand are not in yet but the company did go through a rebrand in 2006 and that rebranding worked!

According to a report shared in Marketing Week, in 2011 the charity documented an increase by 65% in brand awareness. This is up 31% before the rebrand. Its fundraising income also increased by 33% over the same timeframe, enabling it to help 65% more people suffering from cancer. This was all as a result of investing in its brand and marketing.

If youd like to learn more about how your charity can increase brand awareness and donations, contact me today. I can help you hone in on your charity goals with my hassle-free and approachable branding process. I walk you through step-by-step and ensure your organisation’s mission and values stay at the centre of the work. Creating a rebrand that resonates and conveys the right, positive messaging you need to reach your marketing goals.


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